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You’re Doing It Wrong, or saving my faith by stepping on others

Once upon a time, I actually saw doing that as justifiable.

Why? Because my thought-process went along these lines:

(1) The faith I have is unquestionably true.

(2) Therefore, this faith is all that can grant me salvation in this world and the next.

(3) Therefore, losing this faith I have is the worst possible thing that can ever happen.

(4) Therefore, whatever I have to do in order to protect and preserve my faith is absolutely necessary. Even if it means deciding that I’ll avoid reading or watching certain things that might shake my faith. Even if it means refusing to think critically about certain things.

Yes, even if I was faced with a real live human being, whose experiences seemed to call the validity of my faith into question, I would explain away their words, their life-story. Of course what they were saying could not really be true. They must be exaggerating. Or, some “enemy of Islam” was paying them to say such things.

Or even if what they were saying was true, it couldn’t possibly have anything to do with my faith per se. Such things happen due to human misinterpretation, human selfishness, human greed… or perhaps it was really at least partially the fault of that human being themselves. They hadn’t had enough faith, they hadn’t been patient enough, they hadn’t taken the time and trouble to learn their religion for themselves, they had been too weak-willed to stand up for themselves against those who had used it as a weapon against them.

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