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How we were sold on patriarchal religion: reason #102

Because being part of the group made us speshul. Chosen by God, even.

Adhering to ideas and practices that were regarded as extremely old-fashioned if not alien supposedly meant that we had been favored by God with his guidance. Beliefs such as the teaching that the man is the head of the household and that a good wife will follow his lead. Or, that married women need their husbands’ permission to work—and that in any case, mothers really shouldn’t be working outside the home anyway. Practices such as hijab, and gender segregation.

Because we had been guided to “the truth” that most North Americans (and increasingly, many people elsewhere in the world) had turned their backs on. We (unlike most) had the discernment to understand just how wrong most modern ideas about the family and gender and sexuality really are. We (unlike most) could bravely stand against the tide. We (unlike most) could and would chose the harder, rockier road, because God was calling us to do so. Like the prophets and the saints of old, we were giving up so much for God.

Oh, were we ever speshul.

Looking back, and trying to untangle all this, what strikes me is how we seem to have started off with good intentions—wanting to be close to God, wanting to sincerely follow God’s guidance—but ended up in an egotistical mess, being manipulated by those with power but not being able to see that this is what was taking place.

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